Early morning talk with Milo Black

Photographer. After hanging out with Milo in Paris, we meet again. 
May 2016

"I feel relaxed."

Milo, how are you feeling at this very moment?

Milo Black: I feel relaxed.

How old are you?

Milo Black: I'm nineteen.


Where are you based?

Milo Black: Heading to California for a couple of weeks after being in New York for 3 months, but my home is London.


Tell the people what you do.

Milo Black: At the moment, I primarily take photos and make videos for myself and other people. I'm too young to define myself as anything for sure but using a camera has always been something that excites me.


Describe who you are in one sentence.

Milo Black: I'm a person in transition.

Milo Black: Gosha Rubchinskiy, probably one of the highlights of my photography career so far. I was taking photos backstage at Gosha’s FW16 show in Paris. It was also nice to be surrounded by people that I had known before then. It felt very familiar but also very alien at the same time.

"New York was fun but in my opinion it doesn't compare to London.."

What is keeping you busy there in California?

I'm just here for a wedding. My mum is originally from here so whenever we come back it's a chance to see my family. It's nice after being so caught up in working non-stop in New York.

Would you pick New York over London?

Milo Black: No, I don't think I would. New York was fun but in my opinion it doesn't compare to London.. Maybe that's because London is my home and I feel some kinda way about it but I honestly believe that London is as popping creatively, if not more, than New York. I've met a lot of really interesting people here like Theophilus London and Angelo Baque. But, no, to answer your question I wouldn't pick New York over London.


When are you going back?

Milo Black: July 3rd. I'm in Spain like a week later.

Milo Black: Kofi, I shot you in Paris. It was very nice to shoot in Paris. Got a whole different vibe than London.

Milo Black: Marty Baller, I shot Marty in NYC last month. He took me up to Harlem and showed me around Rocky and Ferg’s old neighbourhood. This photo captured his vibe.

"I hate limiting myself to just one artistic medium."

At what age did you realise that photography is your passion?

It is your passion,right?

Shit, I guess it is my passion but that sounds so eternal. I started using my parents old 35mm Olympus point and shoot when I was like 9 years old. When I was 13 my godmother gave me a little Canon digital camera, that's when I was really sold. I was probably 16 when I decided I wanted to study it at university and I think that's when I realised it was a passion for me. I say it was 'a' passion and not 'my' passion because I hate limiting myself to just one artistic medium. Does that make sense?

It does, a lot. Hence why I asked you to describe yourself with only one sentence. We are at a time in which you can't limit yourself to just one artistic medium if you want to stay relevant.

Milo Black: There's too many opportunities to broaden your scope of knowledge. Being closed off to any opportunity is an incredibly self-limiting thing to do in my opinion. I can't draw for shit but if someone asked me to draw them an album cover I'd give it a fucking go!

Milo Black: Sonny Hall, this photo was from one of the first fashion-centered  shoots I've ever done.. It was for a Sam Tranter's brand and I just liked this shot especially

Milo Black: Elliot, I shot Elliot a few months ago kind of randomly. We had a mutual friend. This ended up being one of my favourite shots ever.

"Just gonna eat breakfast and head to Napa."

Are there any people you look up to?

Milo BlackHard question.. I think I look up to my uncle. I've just spent the past 3 months living with him and I just like his outlook on life. He takes it as it comes, he's easy going and has an excellent creative eye and makes really, really nice art. I think he's definitely one of the people I reach to to get opinions on my work. I'm always sending him photos I take and videos I make to see what he thinks. He's sort of a mentor for me. I also look up to James Petith. He's a close friend of mine that I met at a club in london, kinda like a big brother for me. He helped me reach out to, meet, and work with people that I never could of imagined even knowing. He's also an incredibly talented filmmaker.


Who are you top 5 photographers?

Milo Black:

Luke Stephenson

Peter De Potter

Nan Goldin

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Bon appetit! Enjoy your breakfast.