May 2016

Getting to know Nikolaj Rosendal

Model. Art and design student

"Awkward, innovative and different from most kids my age, haha."

How old are you?

Nikolaj Rosendal: I just turned seventeen.

So are you still in school?

Nikolaj Rosendal: Yes, I am still currently finishing my final year and starting this September I will be studying the subject in which I always shown an interest. Which is Art and design.

Where are you based?

Nikolaj Rosendal: Aarhus, Denmark.


How would you describe yourself?

Nikolaj Rosendal: Awkward, innovative and different from most kids my age, haha.


Seems like you have a clear mindset. What are your ambitions for when you are older?

Nikolaj Rosendal: Really wanna be a designer, if thats possible. I am already working on some pieces I want to release when I have more time and money for it.

"I was really inspired by Kiko Kostadinov."

Do you have any idols?

Nikolaj Rosendal: Well, I have been really influenced by the rapper Bladee from Sadboys. He dresses completely different, and puts together outfits like no other, he really inspires me. I've also always really liked Rick Owens.. The raw, dark and drapy style is really really cool even tho its not something i would wear.

I saw your remake on the Supreme/Black Sabbath t-shirts, i liked it.

Nikolaj Rosendal: Thanks a lot man. That was the first time I ever made something and I was pretty satisfied.

What were you thinking and how did you come up with the idea?

Nikolaj Rosendal: I was really inspired by Kiko Kostadinov.


What did you do with it?

Nikolaj Rosendal: I sold them both for £60, I got two t-shirts out of it.

What would you like to change in the fashion industry?

Nikolaj Rosendal: The things I would like to change is the brands that offer nothing new, and peoples hype for clothes that are not really creative. For example, everyday I see some brands making a plain tee with a simple print, like how in any shape or form is that even creative.. Biker jeans and caps with printed text just make me sad we need something new and exciting.

You're a member of The Basement, right?

Nikolaj Rosendal: Yea.


So, you’re friends with a lot of people from the UK on Facebook, right?

Nikolaj Rosendal: Yea, most off the people I speak to are from the UK.

Would that still be the case if you never joined The Basement?

Nikolaj Rosendal: I don't think so.. I've made some really good friends through The Basement. They introduced me to new people, and so on..

What does The Basement mean to you?

Nikolaj Rosendal: It used to mean a lot to me, but as the group grew and new members joined.. Its not really that big of a deal anymore, sadly..

"i really like mixing high end streetwear brands with less hyped brands.."

If you had to wear one outfit everyday for the rest of your life what would it be?

Nikolaj Rosendal: Thats a hard question, there are a lot of outfits that i really enjoy.. If I had to wear one outfit for the rest of my life, it would be the OG oversized Vetements logo hoodie, with some loose straight legged Adidas track pants and a pair of old mainline Rick Owens Ramones. Black has always been my favorite color when it comes to clothes and i really like mixing high end streetwear brands with less hyped brands.